Apophenia is shown as a 16 mm film installation as well as a screened as a film.
A collaboration with Matthias Hurtl.
It is constructed of manipulated found footage.
It is handmade in FILMWEKPLAATS

* 2014 - Installation @ the GOGBOT Festival 2014 in Enschede (NL)
* 2014 - Installation @ the Blikopener Festival 2014 in Delft (NL)
* 2014 - Installation at Saratimtrust, Rotterdam (NL)

Apophenia reflects on the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random data.
A ring of man-made machines exists around the earth. Among them secret satellites, lost cosmonauts, objects quietly floating in space, most likely to remain in orbit for the next billion years.
at Blikopener festival