Yoana Buzova (originally: Йоана Бузова in bulgarian) is an artist and educator, intrigued by public space and short-lived and neglected moments and objects. Yoana always wanted to resist to imposed structures, beliefs and technologies, but was always too polite to get angry. She got relieved, when trough empirical research she discovered that resistance as an essential element of uselessness.
She employs low-tech, Do It Yourself and With Others methods, found and re-purposed material to make useless urban in.ter.ventions that interrupt passers-by and engage them in temporary fictions. Yoana’s work intersects installation, intervention and manual making. Collaboration, knowledge accumulation and distribution take up an important place in her work. She loves circuitry and likes to do it herself.
Yoana completed the Master of Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Works as a tutor at the Willem de Kooning Academy's Interaction Station.
Member of Varia.
Based in Rotterdam (NL).