Leave a message leaveamessage is/was a/in process
It is a participatory project, a network of voice mailboxes, that allow members of the public to record and distribute audio messages in public space. The boxes are installed in different counties, cities, contexts. Connected to each other, the boxes provide playful, performative moments for strangers to break from their routine and enter into a network of anonymous voices, traveling an unplanned journey trough cityscapes.
hosted in multiple locations in The Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Brasil, Greece.
Presented at AMRO Festival, Linz (AT), TENT, Rotterdam (NL), Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens (GR), VHDG , Leeuwarden (NL), Dan D Festival, Zagreb (CR)

After years of life, the Leaveamessage network was shut down!
Thank you all for this intense experiment!