Street Compositions is about encoding and decoding, defining the transformation of symbols from one set of symbols to another one. The unconscious collaboration of the neighbours’ through the lightscapes created by their houses.
The evening streets are the input. When daylight fades, windows start lighting up. The buildings along a certain street are recorded in large-scale panoramas. Punch cards represent the streets, where every hole in the card is a lit window. The punch card is decoded by a music box into a tune.
The outcome is a rhythmic soundscape of the street. The sound is a reflection of a self-organized pattern of urban structures. The second part of the project aims to bring back the melody to its original environment as an installation. The melodies are recorded and played endlessly in hand-crafted concrete speakers along those same streets. This act completes the encoding-decoding process and preserves those transient, insignificant moments.
They exist once again.